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So, you decided you want a website and have no idea how to begin. My advice for all newbies and rookies alike. Go WINDOW SHOP for the right fit for your niche and domain hosting provider. Why? In order to save you money, especially if you can't afford to pay alongside your never-ending bills.

I've done it all. I've created an account in almost every single platform there is, tried all the web builders, drag and drop, as well as their packing rates as a trial run. I tested every single platform there is, but to no avail. Nothing compares to WordPress.

Yes, it's a good bad thing all at the same time.

Let's start with the good. WordPress has a weird content management system, but they come with lots of third-party plugins that can either make or break your website. That's the bad news. You see, you always have to constantly update your WordPress plugin every few days or weeks depending on the plugin so that hackers won't be able to break your website. Otherwise, you'll want to purchase an expensive third-party plugin just to protect your website from possible intrusion. Which can either break your bank account? It all adds up. For starters, I prefer to work with WordPress Install on any third party platform aside from creating an account with just WordPress.com. There is a difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com. We'll talk about that on a different post.

In the meantime, the most newbie doesn't know how to navigate around WordPress despite the many video tutorials out there on YouTube. I don't blame you all one bit, for I was one of you before switching mine over to WordPress.

Here's what I discovered and uncovered. Be very vigilant when you purchase a domain name because it comes with a hefty price that includes different fees for certain packages and how long your contract remains with the hosting providers. The process either takes one entire year or at times two, depending on where you plan on purchasing your domain name. For newbies, I suggest comparing the prices from year to year instead of month to month. That's where most hosting providers get you, the month to month deals that will one day cost you an arm and a leg at the end of the year.

If you're paying $25 a month on your existing domain your total investment is $300.00 per year. Plus the added plugins you're using as well as the service packages, giving you an approximately $400-$500 per year.

Here's is what I did to save money. I went by the year to year method and compared all the prices from every single online hosting provider I could find from Wix, GoDaddy, Weebly, 1and1, Bluehost, Webs, WPEngine (even though that is the best and fasted provider), etc. and it's sad to say, they are all expensive. Sure, some (not all) will give you a free domain name for one (1) year, but the following year is about $200 to $300.

If you just want to blog for free without paying an arm or a leg, then I suggest using WordPress.com, Blogger or Weebly.

If you want to save money on a domain name, go with Google Site for it is only $12 per year and you can configure both Blogger or Weebly to Google Site. Did I forget to mention that you can create a website within Google Site for free? Well, you can and the video below will guide you.

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