So, what did we do to get past the time? 

No one wanted to be on Facebook anymore due to so much censorship against conservatives, the drama being unfolded throughout Twitter on a daily basis and we adults just wanted our sanity back. What better way to laugh our way through COVID than an app that was for teens, but taken over by adults.

When I first looked into the app, it was because I was super annoyed with their constant ad popping all over my social media feed, especially if I was watching a Chinese drama on YouTube.

So, I downloaded the app just out of curiosity and to observe what the fuss was all about. It reminded me of the old Vine, mixed in with YouTube and Instagram combined. Yet, anyone can go viral on the platform. Here's one of my biggest pet peeves though, The platform never gave us the ability to create our own templates within the app, which is kind of a bummer for any tech geek like me. Hence, we will always highly recommend Adobe programs for real professionals.

The only best part of TikTok is the creators who spread many positivity, laughter, joyous occasion, and sometimes even pranks we would never have thought of or were too shocked to express anything at all. 

Until then, have a great day.


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