Quake vs Gravity Nanotechnology Cases

It's too good to be true.
We've dreamed of the next best thing that will show up to make our lives a little bit easier when it comes to our everyday routine. For me, a phone case can hold itself up for hours while I watch from my bed without holding onto my phone the entire time.
When I discovered the QuakeCase, after countlessly watching videos and reviews. I bought myself one to see how it will work.
Hate to disappoint people, but the reality is that it doesn't stick up on the wall as it claims nor on any surfaces because of the weight of the phone itself.
When I saw a similar ad for GravityCase, I bought this one to test it out as well.
As it turns out, they are both the same make and model imported from China.
It doesn't have the Quake or Gravity logo on either product. So in hindsight, these are misleading advertisements along with being bought from Alibaba. Then again, they bought it for wholesale and resold the products on their website via Shopify.
Guess that's the new way to hustle. 

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