Don't Fall For Paid Blogging Gimmicks

I get it, there are a lot of people who are hustling in order to create a side business to live a life full of luxury. However, there's just one thing I don't appreciate and that is taking advantage of people's naivete. When it comes to blogging, it's easy and all you have to do is just sign up to any FREE blogging platform that's available on the internet. It's only from there that you decide on where to go next.

For those who are just beginning their journey into blogging, please I beg of you to do your diligent work and research. There is a lot of misinformation out there about blogging, especially if you're paying for a course to teach you about blogging. Let me be clear, you don't need to pay to blog your way to whatever your topic is. 

Google and YouTube are the best free resources on your HOW TO JOURNEYs.

Long ago, as I was conducting my own research into the digital world. I've come to the conclusion that a lot of entrepreneurs are like car salespeople. In one of my previous posts. I did a business review into It's A Lovely Life which you can read the post here. What made me question their motives was when I realized that they are an affiliate with BlueHost. I, being the curious tech person that I am clicked into a bunch of their links to discover that they are paid by commission whenever anyone registers with their affiliated link. Their website is built on WordPress, which is free for all users to use on WordPress's official site. 

Now let me be clear, it's FREE to blog on any platform. You sign up with your email and start blogging away about what you want to blog about. If and when you have figured out what your niche is, and what your blog wants to be called then go ahead and purchase a domain. However, I recommend you read this here before you decide to purchase your domain.

I cannot stress enough how many times people were duped into buying courses just to blog when it's literally FREE and available on the internet.  

It's a marketing strategy to entice people to fall in line and be easily influenced to buy something they cannot afford. As a web designer, what ticks me off about certain creators is that they're not upfront with what their true intentions are. For the most part, it's all for money. 

Being authentic and realistic is what people want these days. 

My best advice to newbies is to buy your domain through Google. Click here, to start. No, I'm not in any way shape or form affiliated with Google. I highly recommend Google Domains because it's only $12 a YEAR. You're basically paying $1.00 a month compared to all the other sites I've worked with.

Let me tell you, every other hosting domains are out of your league if you're only in the beginning stages of blogging. You won't make a dime until you start earning more followers on all your social media platforms, making brand deals, and being sponsored and products you yourself are selling. 

Blogging isn't $2.75 a month as It's A Lovely Life has mentioned. If the blogging platform is on BlueHost, it'll cost you. So, make sure you calculate that $2.75/month which equals $33/year for blogging plus the hosting domain which is $0 (just for the FIRST year), but afterward the price will differentiate. Click here to see the current BlueHost prices and you'll understand what I mean about "creator's intent". 

You guys need to stop falling for paid gimmicks and start using your critical thinking skills to do your research. I was once like you. 

I don't blog as much as before because all my previous posts were me venting out to the world about my unjustified traumas living in an Asian household. 

Now that I'm forty, I don't care about what society thinks anymore and I will call out things the way they are now.

As a Digital Specialist, it's high time to help you NOT to fall for scams, gimmicks, and these ridiculous get-rich-quick schemes. Don't fall for paid courses when there are tons of people out there like me who will educate you for free.

The list below is my go-to people for all things social media-related content. 
Until next time, have a great one.

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